Risk Consulting

Today’s organizations face significant risks posed by customer attrition, increased reliance on third parties, technological disruption, natural disasters, terrorism, scandals, social media, and expanded regulations. You must ensure that the right plans, processes, and procedures are in place to remain successful and overcome adverse events.

Techiejack Risk Consulting Practice can help identify your enterprise-wide, technology business continuity and cybersecurity risks and then collaborate with you on mitigation strategies, executive preparedness exercises, and recovery plans designed to make sure your business is prepared to quickly bounce back from an unexpected event.

Our key capabilities include:

  • Enterprise Risk Management Guidance and Assessments.
  • Vendor and Outsourcing Risk Management.
  • Business Continuity and Crisis Planning.
  • Cybersecurity Risk Quantification and Strategy.
  • Cybersecurity Operational Reviews.

What differentiates us in the marketplace are:

  • Our crisis management and business resiliency experts, who support you in developing your preparedness for severe, high-profile incidents and have worked in nearly all industries and sectors.
  • Our proven processes to help you identify and assess material risks, develop specific mitigation strategies, and assess enterprise-wide technology platforms for monitoring and reporting.
  • Our expertise in industry issues, risk analysis, analytics, organizational change, and risk technology, which you can use to create a holistic, enterprise-wide risk aware culture.
  • Our cybersecurity third party and vendor management programs that can mitigate your potential losses tied to business interruption, data breach, and malware exposures.

Our Risk Consulting experts can provide you with salient information to make informed decisions about the risks to your business. Drawing upon their expertise in industry issues, risk analysis, analytics, organizational change, and risk technologies, we assist you to develop a sound strategy that aligns with your business objectives, effectively manages your exposures, and lowers your total cost of risk.