When projects aren’t running smoothly the focus can become delivery at all costs–which leads to a downward spiral that includes poor quality, inefficiency, late delivery, and poor predictability. Drawing on our work with hundreds of leading companies, a TJ PMAS assessment zeroes in on prolbem areas and provide practical recommendations and also helps run your Projects efficiently

Typical Queries Our Approach What U Get?
How do I increase my ROI?

How can we be more certain that our project will deliver on time, on budget, and with planned functionality?

We have a project that’s veering off course; how do we get it back on track?

Will our product scale to meet the needs of our growing customer base?

What are the most important steps toward delivering a high quality, fully functional software product?

What do other companies do in our situation?

Our assessment process is designed to allow us to a do a “deep dive” into your project, laying a groundwork for obtaining buy-in to the assessment results, while minimizing any disruptive impact on your staff. In our project assessment, we:

Provide self-assessment materials to collect pertinent information that will be used in our assessment

Review and analyze your work products to create a set of preliminary focus issues to guide the interview process (work products reviewed include estimates, project plans, designs, standards, source code, test cases)

Conduct in-depth onsite interviews with select personnel

Provide preliminary findings for your consideration and input

Work together to craft actionable recommendations to achieve your business goals

Present findings and recommendations to your company executives

Complete, detailed assessment report

Identification of risks and issues that are blocking successful project completion

Recognition of your project’s current strengths, ensuing that our recommendations do not interfere with your team’s successes

Evaluation of weaknesses–from requirements to project management to testing issues

Specific, prioritized recommendations