Embarking your Agile Journey or on your way and having issues, TJ can help

If your software organization wants to be Agile or has moved to Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP, or another Agile approach and you’re disappointed with the results so far, TJ can help. We will guide you through a realistic assessment of your current implementation, improvement goals, and business objectives–and formulate a plan to get the most from your Agile adoption.


Typical Queries Our Approach What U get?
Everyone talks about how great Agile is, but we’re not seeing the results everyone else is seeing
We can’t figure out what’s wrong with our Agile implementation
Agile worked well for our first adopter teams, but we are having challenges as we scale
Agile is working well for individual teams, but we’ve lost visibility at the portfolio level
It seems like we’ve traded predictability for flexibility–we need both
Survey people across your organization about what is working and is not
Review and analyze your Agile work products to create a set of preliminary focus issues
Conduct onsite interviews with select cross-functional staff members
Provide preliminary findings for your consideration and input
Work together to craft actionable recommendations for changes needed to achieve business goals
Present the Agile assessment findings to company executives
Conduct a planning workshop with your staff to create an action plan
Clear understanding of what’s working in your current Agile implementation
Insight into current gaps and challenges
Plan for fine tuning your Agile adoption, including adopting new processes and team-level practices to support and scale Agile
Action plan for implementing the recommendations including owners, timeframes, and deliverables